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Oferta este valabila pe termen nedeterminat (atat timp cat este afisata) si numai pentru localitatile in care exista punct de lucru Fan Courier (http://www.fancourier.ro/sucursale.php - verificati si lista completa a punctelor de lucru). Pentru restul localitatilor unde nu exista punct de lucru de obicei taxa este mai mare sau chiar mult mai mare.


Noi va transmitem care este valoarea acestei taxe si voi aveti urmatoarele variante:

  1. livrare in localitatea respectiva prin FanCourier - se scade din taxa totala doar valoarea taxei standard de 18 lei, diferenta o achiti tu. exemplu : taxa perceputa de Fan Courier pentru colet este 50 lei, tu vei achita 32 lei (50-18).
  2. livrare in cel mai apropiat punct de lucru FanCourier - ridici coletul din cel mai apropiat punct de lucru FanCourier (o localitate vecina) si transportul este gratis sau poti alege sa trimitem comanda la o anume adresa (o ruda, un prieten) dintr-o localitate cu punct de lucru FanCourier, tot gratis.
  3. livrare in localitatea respectiva prin Posta Romana - taxele postale le suportam noi.

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Hunter΄s Axe
Hunter΄s Axe   Hunter΄s Axe   Hunter΄s Axe
Hunter΄s Axe   Hunter΄s Axe  
Hunter΄s Axe
specially made for hunters. the poll is forged thinner than other axes, rounded and burnished into a ”flay poll” to be useful when skinning animals - you pull the hide with one hand at the same time you push the ”flay poll” between the hide and the flesh until hide comes off. the axe is very good for chopping, spitting small wood or cutting small diameter limbwood (similar with Small Forest Axe) as well as rashing meat. extra, the grip of its handle has circular grooves for a steady grip even when hands are wet or sticky. the size and weight are reduced, another advantage to carry or stock this axe, the first and only one in Sweden awarded for design by ”The Swedish Society of Craft and Design”.
includes : ”The Axe Book” - 36 pages of informations on axes, utility, maintenance and the 20 years guarantee of proper usage.
Brand: Gransfors Bruks
Product Code: K-GB418
Price: 400.00 lei
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 × 400.00 = 400.00 lei
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Country of origin Sweden
Total length 48.00 cm
Blade length 8.50 cm
Blade width (average) 15.50 cm
Blade thickness 5.00 mm
Steel type Swedish special forged
Weight 900 g
Handle hickory
Sheath leather
Note 20 years guarantee
Note steel thickness is a mean


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